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Dayna Pack - Minor Flaw

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Black vinyl with bubble print fabric with black lining and rose gold hardware.

THIS ITEM HAS A FLAW - on the right hand side of the image you see 3 rivets. The bottom rivet in the triangle squashed when I inserted it and upon trying to remove it I damaged the vinyl. I have done a repair and replaced the rivet and the vinyl damage is only noticeable on the back up close. I have added images. The price has been reduced due to the flaw.

Lovingly handmade these beautiful packs can be worn as a crossbody bag or bumbag/fanny pack.

They feature an adjustable strap which extends up to 51 inches (including the pack), And a single zip pocket.

The pack itself measures 14”w x 7”h x 1” d

the zipper pocket measures 9.5” w x 7” h x 1” deep